Manifesto: Fully Fleshed Out.
We are not a blockchain company, but building the future of energy, which must live on decentralized rails.

Crypto is the only suitable vehicle to deliver a global energy solution.


Combining  “en” (from within) and “theos” (divinity), the Greek word ‘entheos’ means “the divinity from within”. A spark of light we all carry inside, Entheos drives our creativity and ingenuity. At Entheos, we believe that the work we do from this place is inherently divine. It is our mandate to build the change we want to see in the world. 

We think little of the invisible systems that serve as the backbone to modern society—money, food, and especially energy. They’re not interesting to many of us because they always work. When we flip the switch, the lights always come on. And today, at least in the US and in Europe, those bulbs are at least partially powered by the sun or the wind. A grid that is becoming cleaner—what’s not to like? 

Renewable energy is not only cleaner but more resilient, especially for emerging markets. Business and people otherwise plagued by rolling blackouts and corruption can take matters into their own hands. Microgrids composed of connected batteries, wind, and solar enable entrepreneurs to opt-out of systemic fragility, unleashing local creativity and economic activity. 

The share of global electricity generation attributable to renewables will grow to 30% by 2025 and continue growing as materials costs come down, regulation changes, and financing matures. This represents a triumph of humanity in giving rise to a greener future. But it also represents a new quantum of complexity for us to manage. 

Starting in 2021, peak electricity prices in Europe were, at times, up to 300x higher than in normal conditions. This volatility started prior to Putin’s invasion, so what is going on? Volatility is not only here to stay, but will worsen. Solar produces maximum power in the middle of the day while wind tends to blow hardest during the middle of the night. Consumption tends not to align with these times, driving curtailment and even negative pricing on the supply side. Instead, consumption occurs in the early morning and evenings, when renewable generation is less available, leading to surges. Adding insult to injury, society is rapidly electrifying transport and real estate, which will only amplify the volatility. 

Many countries must expand their wind and solar footprints in order to become energy independent. Expansion will drive persistent and growing volatility in the grid. As such, despite the renewable capacity that is up and running, dirty fossil fuels will continue burning to address the peaks. In order to have both renewable and reliable energy, we must deploy storage at scale. True power independence comes with storage independence. 

Batteries are the bridge. Time machines for electrons, storage is the keystone of a future we all want. Batteries bridge the intermittency of renewables and flexibly balance supply and demand, smoothing the volatility of a renewables-first grid. Though industrial and grid-scale storage solves a problem for all major energy stakeholders, historically it has been too expensive to take hold, especially in primary growth markets like India and China. Without affordable storage, renewables remain subdued, a supporting rather than the  main act.

Our North Star at Entheos is to deliver cheap, reliable energy for businesses and communities around the world. We do this by building a workflow system that drives successful battery storage projects by connecting investors, battery operators, manufacturers, and businesses who deserve cheap, reliable power in a single platform.

The Entheos RebelCore Controller, a cutting edge battery management system, is the spark plug that cold-starts the Entheos Network. By speaking to each cell in a pack individually, RebelCore squashes the CapEx burden typically associated with storage and makes batteries much more efficient, transforming them into their most productive selves. Customers using Entheos-powered batteries will benefit from ultra-safe usage of lower grade and recycled cells, which are 50% cheaper, inverterless and 20% more efficient conversion from AC/DC, and a battery with a 2x longer life cycle. Because Entheos-powered batteries make electricity cheaper for businesses and people at a mission-critical time when they most need it, a deluge of organic demand will pull Entheos-powered batteries into the market. 

By delivering Storage-as-a-Service and superior unit economics in a single turnkey solution, Entheos makes storage accessible to a huge market of businesses. This recurring relationship with commercial customers creates a stream of cash flows, i.e. a new asset class for international investors. Each battery node is equipped with an edge computer, the RebelCore, which delivers real-time accounting, at a cell-by-cell level, across the entire fleet of productive batteries—Proof of Delivery. 

Ledgering truth about the network more robustly removes uncertainty and allows for capital formation at the scale of trillions. As the only force powerful enough to disrupt economies of scale, imbuing energy with a network effect is the key. But network effects in the physical world are nearly impossible, so Entheos looks towards a different layer in markets—finance. For a clean technology to have a global impact on a sustainable future, it must also serve as a home for trillions of dollars of capital to achieve competitive market returns at scale. Entheos accelerates humanity towards the future we all want by transforming storage into a new multi-trillion dollar asset class: Storage-as-a-Service. 

Entheos ushers in a gold standard for how assets are represented, tracked, packaged, and distributed to investors. High-yielding, unique green assets are combined into indices, smoothing the non-fungibility of single projects into the fungibility of diversified pools. As we’ve seen with the securitization of mortgages, diversification de-risks and promotes demand for investment. As demand and liquidity grow, the cost of capital available to battery operators drops, which results in more deployments of batteries around the world and even more diversification for investors. More investment dollars flow into the network, perpetuating the loop. A competitive marketplace drives Storage-as-a-Service pricing down overtime, giving the world access to cheap, reliable energy.