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Whether you're a business looking for savings on your bill, a power producer looking to bridge renewables' intermittency, or an investor looking to generate cash flow from batteries, Entheos builds an energy storage solution that suits your needs.
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Entheos-Powered Packs
  • Avoid peak daily demand: Electricity savings for businesses
  • Dodge conversion loss: more electricity kept for operations, less lost to heat waste
  • Save on CapEx: Mobilize cheaper batteries—instead of pricey Grade A's, safely install Grade Bs, Grade C, or recycled
  • Local energy generation: reliable green power with no long-range transmission loss
Electricity savings for businesses and landlords
AI-powered batteries autonomously charge when energy is cheap and deliver power to your operations when energy is expensive
Supercharged profit for renewable power producers
Reduce curtailment and mitigate cyclicality, enhancing existing projects and making new locations profitable
Passive, high yield for investors
Low battery cost, longer asset life, and automatic grid sell-back drives reliable, inflation-resistant cash flow to investors
Complimentary to grid operators
Storage helps balance the grid and protects DSOs from expensive infrastructure invesment
Capital Efficient
Rather than pony up for a whole battery, pay only for the savings that you accrue!
Generate cash on top of savings
By opting into the Entheos Cloud, customers generate passive profits from smart batteries' ability to sell back into the grid.