Local energy independence
at Global scale


Innovating in bits for sustainability in atoms

A future we all want has abundant electricity for all, but legacy infrastructure won't get us there...
  • 01.
    The global energy supply chain is fragile and breaking
  • 02.
    Electricity prices are volatile, threatening political sovereignty
  • 03.
    Fossil Fuel dependence = dependence on autocratic regimes
  • 04.
    Due to their intermittency, renewables are hard
The global energy supply chain is fragile, centralized, and breaking
Fossil fuel prices are volatile
Demand peaks overwhelm the grid and disenfranchise people and businesses
Renewables are the future, but the intermittency of wind and solar hold us back

Batteries are the bridge.

Every battery counts.

Co-located batteries make wind, solar, and thus more resilient infrastructure possible.
With distributed power comes local abundance.

A brighter, decentralized future.

State of Affairs

Centralized fossil fuel power plants pipe energy downstream to passive consumers. Consumption and production must occur at the same time. Renewables struggle.

State of Affairs

Distributed energy resources supply electricity dynamically. Consumption and production occur when appropriate for stakeholders. Renewables thrive.

The Virtual Power Plant of the future requires two key upgrades to the energy infrastructure.

Intelligence and Efficiency

Entheos RebelCore Controller slashes battery CapEx by 50% and embeds intelligence within a storage network, giving rise to a smart cloud that addresses the energy needs of the 21st century.

Traditional Battery

Entheos-Powered Battery

Entheos-Powered battery packs drive a 2x higher ROI than traditional packs.

Full-Stack Energy: From Fragility to Resilience

Equip storage assets with Entheos RebelCore Controller, a "switching" BMS
Partner with operators, owners, and investors to fund and deploy battery projects at scale
Launch Storage-as-a-Service model, bootstrapping Entheos Cloud, a virtual power plant
Scale Entheos Cloud to host millions of productive storage assets
Bundle battery cash flows into new financial instruments, investable at scale