Entheos is a hive mind of international energy stakeholders. The network serves as a platform, toolkit, and ecosystem to empower operators, enterprises, investors, and communities to thrive.
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How does the Entheos empower different users?
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Battery operators have experience managing energy projects. Operators will assemble and present profitable opportunities to the network, receive funding from investors, and launch storage projects.

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By co-locating Behind-The-Meter batteries with operations, enterprises avoid drawing from the grid during peaks and hedge against energy volatility, driving electricity savings over long business horizons.

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Investors earn passive, inflation-adjusted yield from Entheos-powered batteries with no hassle.

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Power Producers

IPPs, especially those operating solar and wind parks, charge batteries when energy is cheap and discharge when expensive, transforming generation economics.

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Communities secure energy independence for their members by co-locating Entheos batteries near their residences or operations.

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