Entheos - Tech


An aligned ecosystem of energy stakeholders who deliver affordable, modular energy storage to businesses.
Entheos Marketplace

Using monthly subscription pricing, the marketplace enables Commercial & Industrial clients to tap the benefits of energy storage without the upfront CapEx typically associated.

Storage Stakeholder Workflow

The platform enables battery developers, investors, suppliers, and customers to drive completed storage projects together, with repeated success driving more business to each.

A Franchise for Energy Storage

Entheos serves as a toolkit and reliable, trusted brand for energy stakeholders to benefit from, regardless of where in the world batteries are deployed.

New Age Energy Asset Exchange

By bundling diverse battery cash flows and issuing pooled assets, large scale capital formation drives further investment, perpetuating the smart battery network.

Smart Workflows
A battery management system that transforms batteries into their most productive selves.
Entheos RebelCore Controller
Single-Cell Control

Whereas traditional battery packs charge and discharge all cells in series, tying battery performance to the weakest cell, Entheos-powered packs treat each cell individually, unlocking the true potential of every battery resource.

Mobilize Lower-Grade, Recycled Cells

Entheos makes safe the scaled installation of non EV-compliant and un-matched cells, slashing CapEx by 50% and accelerating the circular economy.

Extend the Useful Life of Batteries

Entheos-powered packs run for > 10,000 cycles, while traditional batteries run for 5,000. 2x the life = 2x the return.

Inverterless AC/DC Conversion

Entheos "switching" technology obviates the need for an inverter, trading in a 20-30% loss for a 2-4% loss on the roundtrip, making grid sell-back more profitable.

Safety and Warranty Economics

Single cell monitoring and control enables cheaper, quicker maintenance and lower thermal runaway risk, allowing Entheos to provide world-class warranties and service.

Smart Batteries